In the early 90′s they had enough flows from people doing OT VIII or going to the ship for OT debugging or OT hatting that they were doing pretty good for awhile. But by the mid 90′s the reno job was really starting to fall apart & people would be getting sick a lot for no reason & they started losing a lot of money. So they started coming up with these “conventions” they would hold now & then to get people to visit the ship so they could keep up the flows. Conventions were intended for general Scientology public & a big selling point was networking for business, like they would have conventions for business owners and conventions for Hollywood wannabes. But the real hard selling point was the chance to hook up with someone for romance – they were quietly positioning the ship as a singles retreat. That was the whole point of any Freewinds convention. But people kept getting sick & it was tough to get many singles or young people to go on the ship & they were having alot of staff problems & people blowing the ship.

So then you know they had to close down the ship for awhile to get rid of the asbestos – which is why all these stupid motherfuckers were getting sick. When they reopened the ship they decided to go batshit insane with the conventions & hold them every couple months except during the Maiden Voyages. And the selling point of every single convention is now about hooking up with a 2D. Go to any of Gavin’s bullshit “seminars” & they’ll usually get a couple of crazy fucking idiot publics to stand up & talk about their “success” in hooking up with their new mate.

That crazy Kool Aid drinking bastard Craig Brockie (who spent over a million bucks on Scientology in less than a few months when he first joined in 2010) hooked up with wannabe actress Cheryl Kennard on the ship most famously last year. For people who are single in Scientology & don’t know alot of people (because like Craig, they’re new), the ship is sold as the best place to find a 2D. So the conventions are making the most money for the FSSO the last few years.

Gavin Potter has been the main Freewinds reg since the 90′s – he’s Canadian & a real fucking slick charlatan. Meet the guy & you’ll see the evil in his eyes. He’s so fucking evil he conned Alexandra Powers, who had a growing career in Hollywood starring in 21 Jump Street, L.A. Law & other TV shows & movies like Last Man Standing with Bruce Willis. Gavin would stalk her around CCI & hard sell her on Freewinds OT hatting courses & debugs – she ended up spending over $70,000 on ship services in just a year! She wasn’t even Clear yet!

He kept tag teaming her with CCI regges (who are the most evil regges in the region) until she nothing left in the bank & she had spent so much time on the ship & at CCI that by ’98 she wasn’t getting anymore jobs or callbacks & she had enough debt to sink her down good. Gavin swooped in like a white knight with a couple wealthy publics to bail her out & pay off her cards & other debts (one of them was Richie “Fuckface” Acunto) – so long as she joined the Sea Org & married him. She wavered on that, did a couple of quick jobs to stay alive, had a nervous breakdown & had to do major PTS handling which took months – she finally gave in, signed the billion year contract, sold off all her stuff, routed onto the EPF at CCI (they still had an EPF there back then), & married Gavin as soon as she finished the EPF & got on post at the FSSO office with him at CLO WUS. He manipulated her in the worst way possible & took advantage of her that even execs at CCI & CLO were disgusted with him. But he’s consistently the top service reg in the area & he has total ethics immunity (as long as he doesn’t cross the Supreme Rulah or try to goof his floof).

So that’s Gavin. Fucking asshole. Alexandra Powers is actually a very nice person, but very naive. She was driven into poverty because of Gavin’s obsession to have her as his wife. He also broke the rules by even propositioning a public – an established Hollywood public – & regging her into the Sea Org. That’s a major no-no because it is out-PR to reg any Hollywood publics who are well known to any degree. When Alexandra was spending months aboard the ship her agent & people at the studios kept trying to find her at CCI with no luck. Gavin wanted to keep her away from L.A. & out of touch from her family & agent as much possible so her career would tank & she’d have nowhere to go except into the Sea Org with him.

We remember her agent & family were so pissed when she ditched her career that it almost became a huge flap. But Gavin never got in trouble. He’s Davey’s golden boy.

Final note for this post: We notice that Mike Rinder has refused to publish our comment refuting his claim that Scientology publics who donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to Ideal Orgs or Super Power have ethics immunity and can get away with murder. That is TOTAL BULLSHIT and he knows it. Luis Garcia was one of the TOP contributors to Ideal Org, IAS, Super Power, you name it. They fucked him royally when he dared speak out & question things. Look at Bert Schippers & Lynne Hoverson up in Seattle. TOP contributors! We could name dozens more who’ve donated HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS each & ALL got DECLARED for questioning management!

But Mike Rinder refuses to acknowledge these facts & continues to spout the big lie that top contributors have ethics immunity. Listen, if Bob Duggan or Craig Jensen dared question anything, both would be out on their asses even though they have donated TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars. Duggan is the ABSOLUTE TOP contributor – NO ONE even comes to him. Yet he’s found himself under torturous sec checking for even hesitating to donate when asked. They don’t ask Duggan anymore – they DEMAND. Today the TOP 1% of contributors to IAS are threatened with expulsion & goldenrods if they don’t cough up the cash on demand.

It’s no surprise Mike Rinder would be up to his old tricks again – he & Marty have yet to take responsibility for putting Miscavige in dictatorial control of Scientology & ousting & harassing Pat Broeker for years & keeping his wife Annie Tidman under imprisonment at INT until her last days spent at CCI berthings where she died of cancer.

When are Mike & Marty finally going to come clean about their past & their crimes in Scientology? In case anyone forgot, Mike Rinder was the much reviled architect of Scientology’s harassment of critics, dissenters, & Indie Scientologists – hated by most in Scientology & out. Marty Rathbun was the feared thug, Miscavige’s attack dog who ruined dozens of lives. Between the two of them, Mike & Marty helped Miscavige destroy countless lives. They’ve never taken responsibility, or taken responsibility for the monster they helped create:AlexandraPowers

We never forgive & we’ll never forget!