Now we’re not saying that Tom Cruise would ever ditch the cult — we do think it is inevitable, but we’re not holding our breath. But given the recent absurdity around the Leah Remini departure, and Tom realising that Sea Org crew seem to have more control &influence over his kids than he does, it might just all lead to Tom reappraising his involvement with the cult, just like he did in 1993 when he went off service lines for a few years.

But first, we’d like to share a couple of wonderful comments from our readers about the world renowned Scientologist scientist & toxicologist extraordinaire:

From Udarnik: Wisner was a Philosophy / English major at Villanova according to his website. As undergraduate degrees, those two are pretty useless – they require graduate study to become relevant to the real world. He immediately went to work as a congressional staffer for the guy who co- wrote the superfund legislation – from whence he derives his advanced knowledge of toxicology. Also according to the website, he went back to study “Advanced Chemistry” at Villanova before this gig with SCN.
I actually hold a Ph.D. in Chemistry from a major US research university, and I can’t tell you WTF “advanced chemistry” is as a field of study. Once you get your B.Sc., you go on to study a specific branch of Chemistry (e.g. Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Inorganic Synthetic Chemistry, etc.) in graduate school – that is what “advanced” means in Chemistry. In order to do that, you need to have studied Chemistry, or a closely related discipline (e.g. Geology with a Chem Minor might do for Inorganic Chemistry) as an undergrad – advanced navel gazing in a Philo course won’t cut it for the pre-reqs. Now, there is such a thing as *Advanced Placement Chemistry, but that is an American *High School* program akin to the A Levels in Britain. And I’ m not sure this clown could even handle that.

From HauntingMemory: R. Michael Wisner is no scientist. He’s worked as a Narconon spokesperson for years.
In fact, someone should ask Wisner about his son Gregory Wisner, who committed suicide as a result of his failed attempts on the Purfiication Rundown.
His body was found in the ocean and had cocaine in it. His father R. Michael Wisner had abandoned him at 9 years old, and then in his late twenties, Gregory tried to reestablish a relationship with his father. His father was a no-show at his son’s funeral.

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So anyway, getting back to Tom Cruise, it’s always been pretty apparent that David Miscavige’s behaviour towards Tom is very 1.1 (covertly hostile, someone who is a backstabber) — sure, he’s 1.1 towards other publics & celebs (while towards staff he’s openly & violently hostile), but his covert hostility towards Tom is unmatched. Critics have long known that Michael & Andrea Doven were tasked with spying on Cruise for years while working for him, mostly during the period when Cruise was inactive as far as training/auditing, though he still identified as a Scilon. Critics have also long known about Miscavige’s favourite hobby of reading Cruise’s auditing folders & ridiculing him behind closed doors.

But to be used & manipulated as a useful idiot the same way Soviet agents used & manipulated Western leftists is probably something that he simply cannot bring himself to confront. When Katie divorced him last year, CC Int execs suddenly dropped the sycophant act & started talking trash about Tom, privately mocking him among themselves. Some staff, especially the 1.1 Div 2 registrars (Tim “Butthead” Butler, Brian Phillips, Anne Norlen, Cathy Garcia), went to great lengths to educate their customers, err, we mean parishioners, that Tom Cruise really didn’t represent Scientology, and that he certainly wasn’t a model of the ideal Scientologist.

Now think about that — going from one perspective to another at the flick of a switch. This is right out of the “1984″ Big Brother playbook. They’re careful not to cross the line, of course. But it goes to show that there’s a definite pent up frustration & animosity towards Cruise because of the Freedom Medal of Valour & the constant sycophantry despite the fact he was bringing in a constant stream of bad press, so bad in fact that not even Battlefield Earth had as bad an effect.

When “Interview with the Vampire” came out, the most fanatical zealots on staff howled & hooted about what a degraded out-ethics idiot Cruise was for doing that evil bullshit. Whatever the party line might be, the Sea Org toe’s it perfectly. Their attitude towards Cruise became even worse after “Eyes Wide Shut”, which was considered by many Scilons as being one of the most aberrative & restimulative movies ever made. Ironically the title is quite an apt description of Cruise’s behaviour since he returned to active lines after his divorce from Kidman.

One of the more intriguing conspiracy theories we’ve heard fellow staff members quietly espouse, is that the gay rumours about Cruise were actually deliberately made up & spread by the cult. Hell, a few people have accused us of being Scilon plants for OSA!

Putting the tinfoil aside for now, one conspiracy that certainly was and is real is the fact that Miscarriage viewed Cruise as a meat puppet to parade around to the world to show how dauntless & defiant Scientology really is. That’s his only value to the group, and if Cruise still suffers from the delusion that Miscarriage is his BFF, he’s in for a hell of a rude awakening. Miscarriage has no friends, and his only god is money.

Imagine the rude awakening that Bob Duggan, the biggest whale, is headed for as he realises that he’s literally been subsidising Miscarriage’s decadent, hedonistic & adulterous lifestyle, not to mention subsidising dozens & dozens of dirty tricks campaigns & harassment against critics & exes.

Richie Acunto used to be one of the top financiers of the cult, his fortune made through the Survival Insurance auto insurance scam, only to end up donating almost every cent down to the last penny to Scientology & then being forced to declare bankruptcy. Might be a similar story with Matt Feshbach, though we believe it highly likely that his feigning poverty is a ruse & he’s got millions tucked away somewhere in an offshore account.

Cruise probably hasn’t been to one of Grant Cardone’s infamous money parties, where he invites the wealthy elite of the cult to “invest” in Ideal Orgs & dissem campaigns, the Scilon equivalent of investing in swampland in Florida. Cruise wouldn’t be caught dead hanging out with the likes of Cardone, or with most other Scilons, and he hasn’t donated anywhere near as much money as Miscarriage would typically demand, and he’s become increasingly angry at cult staff who he thinks have an inordinate level of influence over his kids, which all goes to show that he can’t escape his own conscience.

Cruise might do well to learn from the mistakes of Isaac Hayes, who was litereally terrorised & emotionally raped to death by his Scilon handlers for daring to attempt to make decisions on his own without having to get permission from the cult overlords — even after Hayes agreed to toe the party line & get his “ethics in”, they continued to play their sick mind games until he finally died. Based on what we’ve seen & heard, and especially in light of recent discoveries, we have no doubts that Isaac Hayes died because of the cult — he put his trust & faith in them, and they royally fucked him over to the point where he just gave up & died.

That is the kind of hell Cruise will have to face when his conscience finally catches up with him, and the inner suffering he is surely going through now will only intensify as he discovers that he was not as indispensable to the cult as he thought. In the cult, everyone is expendable except for Dickless Miscarriage.

There’s a price to pay for dealing with the devil, which Shelly Miscavige found out the hard way — despite her years & years of fanatically loyal devotion to the point where she was always Miscarriage’s ultimate defender, she now finds herself on the other end, headed towards the same miserable fate that befell Mary Sue Hubbard & Annie Broeker.

Last Sunday Cruise gave a speech to the graduates of an acting school in Santa Monica — the response by the students seemed to have been very positive. Despite the level of bad press over the years, on the ground, there are still more people who like him than hate him. But then, when he isn’t taking on the valence of Dickless, he seems to do pretty well in life.

But if Cruise decides to keep his eyes wide shut & stay in the Truman Show of Scientology, then he’ll have proven beyond a doubt that he has no conscience & deserves his miserable fate.